What is Nizwa Heritage Inn!
 We see these old mud houses and wonder how our ancestors were living in them. Therefore, we have worked to restore and preserve these houses as much as possible to keep the same authentic ancient architecture. The houses have a long history of Omanis’ life and thus, we have tried to present this experience of this originality with modern aspects.

 History of Nizwa Heritage Inn (NHI)
The houses age go back to hundreds of years., and the suburb where they are located at is aged for more than 1000. NHI consists of 5 old houses with 30 various bedrooms that can accommodate at least 63 persons. These houses were used as residence for some political, businesspersons and scholars. where science, social, political and economic aspects were presented via discussions, teachings and practices, and where scholars and jurists left their imprint in the history of Oman.