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At the ancient suburb of Alaqr; the heart of Nizwa city. It is only 2 minutes' walk from Nizwa fort and castle, and is adjacent to the central market. The Inn is in google maps and can be detected through these coordinates; E: 573151.79 and N: 225554.14 or can search for Nizwa heritage inn.



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Address Alaqr suburb Alaqr,Nizwa market, Nizwa, 611, Oman
About Nizwa Heritage Inn

We see these old mud houses and are wondering how our ancestors were living in them. We have worked to restore and preserve them as much as possible to keep the same ancient original architecture aspects with using the necessary safety means. The houses, themselves have a long history and its effects on Omanis' lifestyles and thus, we worked hard to offer you to enjoy the experience of the originality with modern aspects.


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